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Spirituality and hearing voices: considering the relation
  1. 4 Ways to Know If You’re Hearing God’s Voice
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  3. Jan Johnson | Spiritual Direction, Hearing God's Voice
  4. Hearing the Voice of God
  5. 5-Steps to Hearing God's Voice - A Spiritual Practice For Experiencing Your True Self

In his 1st letter to the Corinthians Paul was telling the Corinthians to get themselves back on track in living as God would have them to live.

4 Ways to Know If You’re Hearing God’s Voice

In his 2nd letter, Paul knew that the Corinthians had begun submitting to the Lord and letting Him change them. For this reason, in 2 Corinthians , Paul expresses the concept that if we are living for the Lord in a given situation, then we are being the new self in Christ. Instead, we are conducting ourselves as if we are of the flesh, which we no longer are. When we as believers fall to sin, from the Father's point of view, we are "clean," we are the "new selves.

That doesn't mean that we living as the "new" when we act in sin. It doesn't mean that we do not or will not sin. It just means the Father chooses to see us in relationship with the perfection of Jesus, and we are forgiven when we pick the wrong door in a trial. This doesn't mean that we will necessarily be able to avoid the consequences which might arise as a result of our choice independent of Jesus.

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Practically speaking, we do err in our Christian living. We do have tendencies towards the "fleshly self. When we are in a trial IF we act in Christ, then we have "passed" the old and have embraced the new.

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Again, practically speaking, IF we do NOT act in Christ, then in that trial, the old wasn't passed, and we did not live the new self we actually have in Christ during that trial. It means we did not discern the "door" through which the Lord wanted us to pass. It also means that we did not discern the spiritual behind the physical world issues we faced. While as a believer you are an individual person, spiritually there two selves you have the potential to act in: the old self or the new self - the fleshly self or the Christ-centered self.

If someone calls out to you from another room in your house saying, "Where are you? Someone might think you have a split personality. But in a spiritual sense in trials, each of us does The Holy Spirit works to reveal to us what the fleshly parts are up to in a given trial. The studies and training Keys offers can help you to grow in your sensitivity to the Spirit's guidance on this. If you have found this page of interest, you ought to take a look at our self-paced study on Hearing God's Voice. It specifically focuses on walking you through how to experience the Bible's principles for growing in discernment.

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It will help you receive the peace of Christ during trials. It will show you how to double-check yourself before the Lord when you are trying to surrender your decision-making concerning on which "door to knock on. Keys Mission. Living The Mission.

God's Keys. Training Materials Overview. Darcey And The Grasshopper.

Jan Johnson | Spiritual Direction, Hearing God's Voice

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Hearing the Voice of God

In giving God our attention, He can speak to our minds and hearts, giving us direction for our unique circumstances. View More…. Press enter to begin your search. Sunday Mornings Sundays at am Sundays at am. Wednesday Nights Wednesdays at pm.

5-Steps to Hearing God's Voice - A Spiritual Practice For Experiencing Your True Self

Dallas, Texas Get Directions. John L. Rothra May 21, No Comments. Getting Started Many people talk about hearing from God, but mean different things in terms of how they hear from God. Whether you think you hear from God or not, what do you think it looks like to hear from God? How do you think someone knows when they have heard from God? Even among believers, people who want to hear from God say they struggle to do so. Why do you this is?

Share that experience with your group. Is prayer a priority in your life? What does prioritized prayer look like in practical terms as you incorporate it in your life? Many people feel stuck in their lives because of the battle that they are facing or the crisis in front of them is bigger than what they feel they can handle. Have you ever felt this way? If prayer is an option, have you used this tool for fighting spiritual battles?

Why or why not? Take the Next Step Ongoing communication with God requires intentionality. We lead busy lives with interruption and distraction. How will your prayer life change in light of this message? How did the message convict you and how will you incorporate a new priority of prayer in your life?