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A short summary: Optimized CPU workload for multithreading - there was reports it may fixed also some problems with alt-tab Fixes on chain signals - now should work better when you have more chain signals in row Fixed crashes of some workshop items You can find more detailed info bellow: 0. Fixed crash of game when user click on workshop buildings icons. Nuclear Industry. I wonder if we gonna get nuclear missiles, depleted uranium ammunition with nuclear power plant. Any thoughts? So, today for some reason, frequently when I try to build a new mod building in my main game, the game instantly crashes when I click to position it.

It happens with specific mod buildings and not others. Some of them I've already build in the past wi Help with signal needed. Most of the time my signals work well now, but there are still situations I do not understand. In the screenshot below, why is the red train, going from South to North, ignoring the red signal on the left track, bouncing on the train there with the white Oggetto del Workshop. Visualizza gli oggetti del Workshop di Steam. Auto-construction vs buying the materials : a few calculations.

In the meantime, prisoners may be transferred under provisions of the Council of Europe Convention on the Transfer of Sentenced Prisoners to which all Member States are parties. The Commission is analysing the contributions sent by Member States and all other stakeholders to consider whether any further specific action can and should be taken at European level.

Invasione anglo-sovietica dell'Iran - Wikipedia

Hvis fjernsalg af punktafgiftspligtige varer finder sted, dvs. Since on this occasion the transaction would constitute distance selling, the contact being made by telephone, the citizen has been told that a sale can only be carried out with a Danish licence for the import of wine, exclusive of French VAT.

The requirement for a wine import licence is, however, not applicable if the citizen carries out the trade as a private individual by telephone. Is the Commission aware that private citizens in a EU Member State other than France who wish to buy wine from a French wine grower must possess a wine import licence, even if purchasing less than the 90 litres permitted for private consumption? The Danish Parliament is not able to adopt a law on an opt-in scheme for receiving advertising material, which would allow Danish consumers to proactively choose whether they wish to receive printed advertising matter in their post boxes.

Prohibitions to carry out certain types of advertisement for services render the provision of those services more difficult and constitute restrictions to the internal market freedoms, which need to be duly justified and proportionate in accordance with the applicable internal market rules. The Danish authorities refer, in particular, to the protection of the environment to justify the introduction of such a restriction. It is the Commission's understanding that, if adopted, the draft Danish law would however go further by prohibiting all kinds of unaddressed printed advertising.


Due to the full harmonisation character of the directive, such prohibition would be allowed only if it falls outside the scope of the directive, i. In addition, Frontex and the Turkish authorities agreed to share experiences and best practices in border control and to the possible deployment of Turkish officers at selected crossing points along EU external borders under the Focal Points project.

What needs will be served by deploying Turkish officers at selected crossing points along EU external borders? What border crossing points are included in the Focal Points project and at which of them will Turkish officers be located? Are the text of the agreement and its technical details available and, if so, where? Is the Greek Government aware of the agreement in question? Has it given its prior approval?

Deployment of any third countries' border guard officers as observers at any Focal Points, is based on operational needs identified by Frontex and depends on the prior consent of the Member States concerned i.

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This principle applies to any operational cooperation at the external borders coordinated by Frontex. The use of bicycles for transport and tourism is increasing all around Europe. Cycling infrastructures such as the EuroVelo network already exist Europe-wide. Tourism is a very important economic sector for growth, and cycling mobility is especially relevant in times of economic constraint, given that it is cheap, has a higher return on investment and is sustainable.

A second, updated version of the study will be published shortly. It is not easy to apply for EU funding for such projects despite their benefits and administrative suitability. One of the reasons for this is that there is no budget line recognising this kind of infrastructure. Despite projects and networks as those referred to by the Honourable Member, cycling predominantly remains a mode used for local, short distance transport.

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Financial support from Union funds is provided through other means. Intisar Sharif Abdallah is a young mother who has been sentenced to death by stoning after being found guilty of adultery. She was put on trial without access to a lawyer, and is now being detained with her four-month-old baby, according to Amnesty International.

Abdallah is said to be shackled by the legs and in psychological distress, unable to understand the nature of her sentence. She was tried without access to a lawyer or an interpreter, despite the fact that Arabic is not her native language. Sudan is one of seven countries where death by stoning is a punishment. The vast majority of adultery trials and stoning sentences have concerned women. The court had re-tried her after the court of appeal had overturned her sentence of death by stoning. The EU has also encouraged the Sudanese authorities to sign and ratify all the relevant international instruments making references to the use of death penalty.

Good progress has been made recently, with the implementation of common steps towards visa-free short-term travel ongoing, and negotiations for an upgraded visa facilitation agreement nearing completion. Rather, we are together defining how the current Partnership and Cooperation Agreement can be updated and enhanced to mutual benefit. Good progress has been made in many areas. As regards trade and investment provisions, we are together examining which non-preferential measures can be agreed upon in order to further facilitate trade and thus promote economic and social development.

The EU consistently raises these concerns in its bilateral political dialogue with the authorities.

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Moreover, this objective needs to be pursued in parallel with efforts to reduce regional tensions, promote dialogue and deal with concerns about proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and their means of delivery. The EU aims to make a positive contribution in support of wider international efforts on all these inter-linked concerns. The EU will in the meantime continue to play an active role in discussions on this issue at the UN.

We will also continue to raise our concerns directly with the authorities, calling on them to take steps to start addressing the many concerns documented in the resolutions of the UN General Assembly and the reports of the UN Special Rapporteur. On this occasion, he stressed that the Commission had completed discussions with Japan on what both sides expect from the FTA negotiations.

The scoping paper that lays out the scope of our potential discussions is the most ambitious the Commission has agreed in all our trade negotiations. The Commission intends to share with the competent committee of the Parliament the final results of the scoping exercise together with the recommendation for negotiating directives as soon as the latter is submitted to the Council.

This brings the total number of restrictive measures in place today to Argentina is a concrete example of this negative trend. The Commission is following closely the measures implemented in Argentina as referred to by the Honourable Member. This is a first step in the WTO dispute settlement system.

The EU had already raised concerns on this broad range of import restricting measures in Argentina on numerous occasions both bilaterally and multilaterally at WTO bodies e.

According to the organisation BusinessEurope, eliminating tariffs on US-EU trade in goods would create between and jobs. The Commission is strongly committed to making the High Level Working Group a success with the aim of contributing to deepened transatlantic economic relations, and the creation of jobs and growth.

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Non-tariff barriers are part and parcel of this in-depth analysis and it is our joint endeavour to devise a mechanism that would address those efficiently and effectively. Both sides have sophisticated regulatory systems whose shared objectives are a high level of performance and safety. Although very close in their objectives, the set-up is often different on either side of the Atlantic. The EU is hence determined to find ways and means to overcome unnecessary obstacles to trade due to those differences.

Secondo il parere della Commissione, tutti i trattamenti delle malattie devono fondarsi su prove scientifiche. This is an indirect reference to the intrusiveness of pharmaceutical companies and the influence they have, in the edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders DSM , on the new classifications drawn up by doctors who are often consultants to these companies.

The controversy that erupted some time ago regarding a drug to combat ADHD, the attention deficit hyperactivity disorder that affects children, should not be forgotten. The DSM Diagnostic Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders is elaborated by the American Psychiatric Association, under their own responsibility, and the Commission has no influence in any part of the process of adoption of this manual.

The fifth edition is currently in consultation and preparation, and is due for publication in The only international classification used by the Commission in its public health and statistical activities is the International Classification of Diseases ICD , which is also going through a process of revision due to be finalised in The European Commission recommends the use of the International Classification of Diseases to the Member States; no other disease classification is recommended for use.


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In the opinion of the Commission, all treatment of diseases must be based on scientific evidence. Does the Commission believe that a system of tolls harmonised at European level would be the fairest way of promoting competitiveness and freedom of movement, based on, inter alia , standards and principles that are comparable in all Member States?

Does the Commission believe that, instead of extending the life of licences for managing private motorways in order to finance other toll-free public roads, it would be preferable to apply taxes, such as tolls, to public roads that are currently free of them? The Commission is currently analysing the concrete path and measures towards implementing these principles and plans to complete this assessment in Depending on local circumstances, there may be different options and national preferences for charging which can be considered, while respecting common EU rules to avoid a patchwork of calculation methods and charging systems.


The recourse to concession tolls operated by private operators as a way to attract private investors to develop and maintain specific road infrastructure is compatible with the levy of road user charges on the rest of the network provided that the interoperability of the toll collection systems is ensured and that the existing rules of the Eurovignette Directive are respected. Does the Commission believe that the most appropriate way to finance infrastructure projects, such as motorways, is to recover infrastructure costs through tolls?

Can the Commission provide economic data to show that negative costs apply in states or regions that have a high proportion of toll roads, in comparison with states or regions where there is only a small number of toll roads? If not, is it going to carry out a study to obtain such data so that it can take decisions at European level, in order to create a more efficient and competitive internal market?

Regarding economic data, the Commission has no data which would show that the high proportion of toll roads in a given state or country would negatively affect its economic performance. Differentiated tolls can on the contrary generate efficiency gains by promoting a more efficient use of infrastructure and generate additional resources which can be used to maintain a good quality network important for competiveness.

These investments will, in times of crisis and in times of falling public spending on infrastructure, require a broader application of the. The Commission has launched early in a study to indeed collect more information on the cost of infrastructure, including the external cost of using infrastructure, and to analyse optimal charging strategies to recover these costs.

The Commission White Paper notes that implementation of the Eurovignette should be mandatory for heavy vehicles by , and should be extended to cover all vehicles by Can the Commission explain what measures it will take to check that Spain adheres to the schedule? The Commission would like to inform the Honourable Member that Spain has transposed the directive and notified its transposition to the Commission.

No infringement case in relation with this transposition is currently pending against Spain. According to the directive, Member States are not obliged to levy road user charges on their road networks.