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The two women exchanged many letters over a twelve-year period, some of which are now published. Silent Spring , her fourth book, was first serialised in The New Yorker and immediately drew the wrath of the chemical industry. Carson was accused of being a Communist by Velsicol Chemical Company, which threatened to sue her publisher. The controversy around the book -- which warned the public of the hazards of pesticide misuse and abuse -- led to a federal investigation into the misuse of pesticides and resulted in lengthy Congressional hearings in Carson died in Spring of breast cancer that had been diagnosed in In , Carson was posthumously awarded the highest civilian honor in the U.

The refuge consists primarily of coastal salt marsh with habitat for more than bird and mammal species.

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Isabel and her brothers and sister spent most of their childhood sailing aboard their father's vessels. In the family came ashore and purchased a home in Bath. Isabel graduated from the then Bath High School in and then went to Wellesley College where she majored in math and Greek. After graduating in , she earned a teaching certificate from Gorham Normal School, one of the precursors to the University of Southern Maine.

With the exception of three years, to , when she did post-war relief work in Turkey, she was a teacher in both private and public high schools. Most of the time -- to and to -- she taught math at the Madeira School, McLean, Virginia. Upon retirement, she and her mother returned to the family summer home in Yarmouth. She died in a Yarmouth nursing home in Carter's publishing record -- one novel and six short stories -- belies her important role in understanding Maine's 19th-century maritime history. Although her work is fiction, the state's maritime historians recognize the authenticity of her characters and incidents that are based on her parents' experiences at sea.

Carter's primary source for her novel and the six stories published in Atlantic Monthly and Woman's Home Companion between and were letters her parents wrote to each other between and Children's book writer Mary Cerullo born Sept. She considers herself a 'science interpreter,' and she has worked for the University of Maine Sea Grant Program interpreting science for the public. She is associate director responsible for publications, public relations, and educational outreach at Friends of Casco Bay.

Romance author and lifetime Mainer, Janet Chapman was born in northern Maine and lived in a log home on a lake in Glenburn with her husband and sons. Mary Ellen Chase was born on Feb. She was a Univ. Chase was a professor at the Univ. She spent most of her adult life away from Maine but wrote of it with passion. She wrote novels, autobiographies, historical biographies, and books about writing and literature, as well as other non-fiction works. In she received the Hale Award, given annually to a distinguished writer with a connection to New England.

One of Chase's students at Smith College, Lee Kingman, herself an author and editor, won an essay contest sponsored by Vogue for a piece entitled 'Pamela's Socks and the Roman Emperors,' about her teacher.

Emily Chetkowski is a children's book writer who lives in a farmhouse called Winn Farm in Westminster, MA most of the year. She summers on the island of Islesboro in Maine, where she does most of her writing. Born in Portland on June 14, , current North Parsonsfield resident Carolyn Chute is known as much for her role in the 2nd Maine Militia, an organization dedicated to reducing government's role in our lives, as she is as a novelist. A self-proclaimed redneck, Chute writes about the life and struggles of the rural poor living in the fictional town of Egypt, Maine.

Chute was also a plumbing inspector and code enforcement officer in Mt.

Vernon ME from Chute's scientific works focus on human ecology and culture's impact on lake and coastal ecosystems. He is also a poet whose poetry has frequently been published in the Beloit Poetry Journal. Thoreau's and a friend's cooling river escape from the heat. Born in New Providence, Iowa, on June 15, , and raised on a acre farm, poet Amy Clampitt, considered one of the most distinguished 20th-century American poets, was a long-time Corea, Maine, summer visitor.

A number of her poems contain subjects and images influenced by the area's natural beauty. Clampitt earned a B. She worked at Oxford University Press from to as secretary and writer, as reference librarian at the National Audubon Society to , and as a freelance writer, editor, and researcher during the s and s, then spent five years to as an editor at E. She first attempted to write novels and then turned to poetry in the s. In her work appeared for the first time in the New Yorker.

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In addition to being a noted poet, Clampitt was also a well-respected teacher. Many of his columns and books focused on the fictional town of Cedar River and its inhabitants. Rebecca Clarke, considered America's first writer for children because she wrote for children and not for small adults, was born in Norridgewock on Feb.

She lived there most of her life, except for a year period from when she was a school teacher in Indiana. She also wintered in Baltimore, Florida, and California. Clarke purchased and donated the building for the first Norridgewock public library shortly before her death, on Aug.

Harold Clifford was born in Winthrop and received his B. He was principal of Alfred High School from and and Superintendent of schools, including those in the Boothbay area, from to The community playground in Boothbay is named for Clifford, as is the Boothbay Region High School's annual book award. Clifford wrote the history of the Boothbay Harbor Rotary Club from its inception in the s to , with Chip Griffin completing the history to ; the history is dedicated to Clifford in appreciation "of the vibrant tone of both his piano playing and his words. Their daughter -- Kate Barnes -- was Maine's first poet laureate.

She incorporated her travel memories into her writing. Born in Brunswick, a graduate of Bowdoin, and later a professor there , essayist, poet, and novelist Robert Peter Tristam Coffin won the Pulitzer Prize in poetry for Strange Holiness. William S. Bill Cohen was born in Bangor, the son of a Jewish father -- a baker -- and an Irish Protestant mother.


He received an A. B cum laude from Boston University Law School in Cohen was a star basketball player in both high school and college. Following his formal education, Cohen became an attorney with a Bangor law firm and Assistant County Attorney for Penobscot County from He was vice president of the Maine Trial Lawyers Association from , entering public life as a city councilor in Bangor , also serving as Bangor's mayor from He served as a Republican in the U.

House of Representatives from , then was elected to the U. Senate, where he served until he announced his retirement after 3 terms in early Democratic President Clinton appointed Cohen as his Secretary of Defense in , a position he held until Cohen married Janet Langhart Cohen on Valentine's Day ; she was a former runway model and a seasoned television journalist who worked as a Boston newscaster and as correspondent for Entertainment Tonight and Black Entertainment Television.

She and her brother Lincoln were well-educated both on shipboard and in Searsport. She majored in chemistry at University of Maine at Orono, receiving bachelor's and master's degrees by After some restlessness, she continued her education at the New York School of Philanthropy -- later called the School for Social Work -- earning a certificate in For over 30 years following, she distinguished herself as a social worker, publishing a number of works. During the Depression she was a strong advocate for some type of social security and health insurance.

Though technically born on a ship that was rounding Cape Horn on its way to China, Colcord's home was Searsport, Maine. He came from five generations of sea-faring men and it's not surprising that he wrote about the sea. Colcord graduated from Univ. He lived and worked in Manhattan before moving to Maine in the s, where he lived the rest of his life, apart from a 6-year interlude in Key West.

Cole was well known in Maine, both for his career in journalism and his positions on political and environmental issues. He also edited the Kennebunk Star and the Brunswick Times-Record for which he wrote a regular column.

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Coleman made his living for the next two decades working on other organic farms, including, in the late 's,the experimental Coolidge Center in Massachusetts, where Coleman developed the idea of using cold frames inside hoop houses to extend the growing season, and in the early s at the Mountain School in Vermont, where he directed the farm program. He also traveled in Europe in the mids when he was working on his graduate degree in Spanish literature, and while there toured organic farms.

In the early s he bought back the land at Harborside, and he and his third wife, Barbara Damrosch, have lived there since, earning much of their livelihood by selling the organic produce they raise from October to May each year at Four Season Farm. Coleman has been a keynote conference speaker at Northeast Organic Farming Association. The couple also answered gardening questions in American Homestyle and Gardening magazine for several years, and they both give numerous gardening talks. Coleman is known as an innovator in farming systems and tools, and has written several gardening books.

Loren Coleman was raised in Decatur, Illinois, and received his undergraduate degree in anthropology-zoology and his graduate degree in psychiatric social work. He settled in New England in , bought a cabin in Rangeley in , and moved to Portland in , where he has lived since, and where he has opened the International Cryptozoology Museumm. Coleman has been visiting assistant professor of social work at the University of New England, and was, for thirteen years, a senior research associate at the Edmund S.

Coleman's first article -- Mystery Animals in Illinois -- was published in March when he was Since then, he has written over articles, been a consultant to a number of reality-based TV shows including "Unsolved Mysteries" and The History Channel's "In Search of History," and he writes a regular cryptozoology column for Fate Magazine as well as frequent articles for the London-based Fortean Magazine ; he has also written for Mysteries Magazine and The Anomalist.

He is also a frequent guest on radio shows to discuss both his cryptozoology books and his books on human behavior -- contagion and suicide clusters. Coleman speaks to children's groups, libraries, and other civic groups worldwide. Though best known for his books and articles on cryptozoology, Coleman has written or edited several books on suicide prevention and copycats, including The Copycat Effect: How the Media and Popular Culture Trigger the Mayhem in Tomorrow's Headlines His work on the suicides of baseball players was heavily covered in the media, including in Sports Illustrated and on ESPN.

Coleman has also developed several curricula on the topic. Elizabeth Elder, who lives in Cape Elizabeth, is a poet, short story writer, and the author of two children's books.