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Purani Tahrirain (Old Writings)
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Applicable to 21st-Century America?

Daniel claims, " Carolyn M. Prince has spent years compiling research and wisdom to share with fellow believers. Prince believes that until now, end times prophecy has been locked from human understanding.

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Daniel, the biblical figure, was told that the words of his end-time prophecy were closed up and sealed till the time of the end. Prince points out that Jews may offer sacrifices only on the location on which Solomon built the original temple citing Deut.

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Mian Mohammad Bakhsh was not very well versed in theology and he, therefore, wrote to Hazrat Ahmad as to come to the aid of the Muslims of Jandiyala. Hazrat Ahmad as readily agreed. He wrote a letter direct to Dr.

01- Revelation's Ancient Discoveries – "Revelation’s Startling Predictions for the 21st Century"

The doctor did not like to face Hazrat Ahmad as and, therefore, wrote back to say that he had called upon the Muslims of Jandiyala for a debate and not Hazrat Ahmad as. He also tried to avoid a confrontation with Hazrat Ahmad as by saying that he — Hazrat Ahmad as — was not considered to be a Muslim and therefore he could not be taken as representative of theirs Muslims.

In reply to this, Mian Mohammad Bakhsh wrote to the doctor that whatever the differences there might be, he took Hazrat Ahmad as as a Muslim and, therefore, he was the one to represent the Muslims on the occasion. The debate, as stated before, took place from 22nd May to 5th June It was held at the residence of Rev. All the papers that were written by both the sides were signed by the co-chairmen of the occasion. At a certain stage on 26th May the Christian representative presented three persons — a blind, a lame and a dumb — and asked Hazrat Ahmad as to heal them.

The Christians thought this was their trump card, but it proved to be a boomerang. Hazrat Ahmad as said that he did not have to show any such miracle, for, he did not believe that that was what Jesus as did. Of course, the Christian representative should perform this miracle, for that is the sign of the least faith that a Christian is expected to have. Jesus as has said that if you have faith you will remove the evil spirits and you will heal the sick. As soon as the Christians heard this, they took away those three persons stealthily. In his last paper 5th June Hazrat Ahmad as said that God had told him the previous night — and it was in answer to his fervent prayers — that whoever of the two sides was deliberately telling untruth and abandoning the true God and taking a humble human being to be a God, he would fall into the hell within a period of fifteen months — one month for every day of the debate — and he would be extremely humiliated — of course he could be saved of this end, if he turned towards truth.

On the other hand, whoever was on the right and believed in the true God he would be honoured. Hazrat Ahmad as further remarked that when this prophecy would come to pass, the blind would see, the lame would walk and the deaf would hear. In Sirrul Khilafa in the Arabic language published in July , Hazrat Ahmad as has discussed the difference that exists between the Sunnis and the Shias on the issue of Khilafat after the Holy Prophet, peace and blessings of God be upon him.

He has taken up the objections that the Shias raise against the first three Khalifas and has answered them at some length.

He calls upon those who differ with him on this view, for a Prayer Duel, and if the result of this Prayer goes against him, he says he will admit that he is not a truthful person and he will also offer a prize of rupees. None came forward. He also explains the prophecy about the appearance of Mahdi and proves to his readers his own claim to be that person.

The reason why this book was written in Arabic was to expose the hollowness of the claim of Maulvi Mohammad Hussain and others to be great learned people. They were given twenty-seven days to write a book like this one and were offered a prize of 27 rupees — one rupee per day. Nobody took up the challenge and thus all of them left behind an everlasting proof of their being ignorant and incapable of doing what Hazrat Ahmad as could do with the help of God.

In the first chapter, Hazrat Ahmad as , deals with Khilafat in general and proves that Hazrat Abu Bakr ra , Hazrat Umar ra and Hazrat Uthman ra , were without any shadow of doubt, rightly guided Khalifas.

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He vehemently condemns the ideas of the Shias to the effect that the first three Khalifas were usurpers and proves very convincingly that nobody had the right to be Khalifas in their place. In the second chapter he draws the attention of his readers to the advent of Mahdi whom he calls the Adam of the Ummat and the Khatam of the Imams. He tells them to look into the conditions of times and try to realise if the Mahdi should not have appeared to reform the world. He points out that he is the Mahdi who was promised and explains the significance of his being called Jesus Christ as.

The main part of the book is in the Arabic language with an announcement in Urdu. This announcement refers to the challenge that he had thrown to Maulvi Mohammad Hussain and others with a handsome prize. At the end of the book Hazrat Ahmad as has addressed a letter to the learned people and appealed to them that they should not take decisions about him in haste.

What Are the Odds? | Christ Saves Ministries

He says that he has been called Jesus as through revelation and it is simply not possible that having heard this thing from God he should ignore it or make a retreat. He also draws the attention of the people to the fact that though all sorts of plans were made against him, it is he who has been safe and secure while the opponents have been the sufferers. He points to their mistaken view that when the Angels descend their places in the heaven are left vacant, for they come down with their physical bodies.

He refutes this view and explains how the angels work with their influences and impact. He tells them to use the common sense, for the beauty of Islam is that it is in complete accordance with our nature. He prays to God for His pleasure which he says can be had by following the Holy Prophet, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him. During the debate with Abdulla Atham, Hazrat Ahmad as had prophesied that Atham would fall in the hell within fifteen months, provided he did not turn towards the truth. Fifteen months passed and Atham was still alive. So, the Christians made a great hullaballo and took out a procession to celebrate the victory of Christianity over Islam.

This procession was taken out on 6th December The prophecy that he announced towards the end of the debate was to prove the religion of Mohammad to be true and from God. Despite the fact that this was the position of the debate, some shameless Mullahs joined the Christians to be a party to this celebration — they mocked at Hazrat Ahmad as and objected to the non-fulfilment of the prophecy.

They even went to the extent of hurling abuses on him. When these Mullas were going too far, Hazrat Ahmad as paid them in their own coins. He said:. Some nominal Muslims whom we should call semi-Christians are very glad that Abdulla Atham has not died in fifteen months time; they I are so happy that they have not been able to contain themselves. They have issued posters and have, as they are always wont to do, hurled abuses. Due to the personal grudge that they have against me, they have attacked Islam also, for the purpose of my debate was to uphold and support Islam and not to prove my claim to be the Promised Messiah.

Spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ

However, Hazrat Ahmad as wrote and published Anwarul Islam on 7th September and gave a full explanation of the fulfilment of the prophecy. The death of Atham was conditioned with his non-return to truth. Hazrat Ahmad as gave many proofs of the fact that Atham was overawed by the prophecy and in his heart of hearts he had accepted the truth of Islam.

Hazrat Ahmad as also published four posters offering prizes Rs. Atham did not take up the gauntlet and thus proved to the world that the prophecy had been clearly fulfilled. When the Christians felt that their defeat in the debate that Abdulla Atham had with Hazrat Ahmad as was crushing and it was as if their back was broken one of their so-called missionaries who had left Islam and joined them — Imadud Din — published a book entitled Tauzinul Aqwal.

It was most abusive and inflammatory of the highest degree. So much so that the Hindu newspapers — and even a Christian publication — came out openly to say that it was most inflammatory.


They went to the extent of saying that if there was an uprising again like that of , it will be caused by the writings of this person. It was full of mean allegations against the Holy person of the Founder of Islam and had also incited the government against Hazrat Ahmad as by alleging that he Hazrat Ahmad as was working towards the overthrow of the constituted authority. He remarked that Hazrat Ahmad as was creating disorder and causing disturbance in the land and was no less than a traitor.

The book Nuqul Haq is a reply to this book of Imadud Din. Hazrat Ahmad as explains his own belief in Islam and also exposes those who had called him kafir. He talks of the Maulvis who had gone astray and who were not worried in the least about the attacks that were being made on Islam. He tells his readers how, having seen the Muslims gone astray, he has tried to win them back and how the people in different places have reacted; some joined him and others started calling him a kafir without knowing what kufr actually meant.

There are disorders and disturbances all around you and that being the case you should try to act in a way that may bring you the pleasure of God — O ye people, you should purify yourself and clean up your breasts. You should die as Muslims — and be not content with anything less than that. He talks of the writer of the book Tauzinul Aqwal and makes mention of the way the writer had been abusive and mean.

He also refutes the charge that he is in any way working against the government. He assures her that he has always been loyal because he considers the government to be just and sympathetic towards the people of the country. He refers to the religious freedom and says that everybody who cares for his religion must be grateful to this kind of government.

He says that he has met Jesus Christ as in his visions many a time and has even dined with him and that when Jesus Christ as was asked about the present day Christianity, he was astonished and he disliked it; Jesus as talked of the greatness of God and expressed his own humility. Then he takes up the allegations one by one and refutes them. He also expresses the hollowness of the Christian doctrine like the godhead and sonship of Christ. He throws a challenge to him and to his other colleagues to write a book like Nurul Haq and he also offers a prize of rupees.

He says the reason why he has written Nurul Haq in the Arabic language is that it should be a challenge for Imadud Din and other Christians who call themselves Maulvis and who boast of their knowledge. He gives them a period of two months to prepare publication containing prose and poetry of the standard that he had set forth in his book; if they could do so, they would get rupees.

He adds that they will never be able to take up the challenge and if even after this defeat of theirs they do not stop abusing the Holy Prophet sa , peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, then he offers them a thousand curses and he asks his readers to join him in giving these curses to Imadud Din and others. How severe has become the campaign of calling me kafir and cursing me.

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Decide between us and our people with justice and truth and You are the best of those who decide.