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Metrological traceability of carbon dioxide measurements in atmosphere and seawater. The accurate determination of gaseous pollutants is fundamental for the monitoring of the trends of these analytes in the environment and the application of the metrological concepts to this field is necessary to assure the reliability of the measurement results. In this work, an overview of the activity carried out at Istituto Nazionale di Ricerca Metrologica to establish the metrological traceability of the measurements of gaseous atmospheric pollutants, in particular of carbon dioxide CO2 , is presented.

Two primary methods, the gravimetry and the dynamic dilution, are used for the preparation of reference standards for composition which can be used to calibrate sensors and analytical instrumentation. At present, research is carried out to lower the measurement uncertainties of the primary gas mixtures and to extend their application to the oceanic field.

The reason of such investigation is due to the evidence of the changes occurring in seawater carbonate chemistry, connected to the rising level of CO2 in the atmosphere. The well established activity to assure the metrological traceability of CO2 in the atmosphere will be applied to the determination of CO2 in seawater, by developing suitable reference materials for calibration and control of the sensors during their routine use.

The results of the evaluation processes were not completely satisfactory for the INRIM cells because of their low transition temperatures with respect to the best cells, and of a rather large melting range for the Co-C cell. A new design of the cells was devised, and considerable improvements were achieved with respect to the transition temperature, and the plateau shape and duration. As for the Co-C point, the melting temperature, expressed in terms of the point of inflection of the melting curve, increased by about 70 mK. This work presents the informatics platform carried out to implement the National Hydrological Operative Information System of Italy.

In particular, the presentation will focus on the governing aspects of the cloud infrastructure and brokering software that make possible to sustain the hydrology data flow between heterogeneous user clients and data providers.

B&B Bonesu Specialty B&B, Cabras

ISPRA has deployed and governs such a system. The presentation will introduce and discuss the technological barriers for interoperability as well as social and policy ones. The adopted solutions will be described outlining the sustainability challenges and benefits. The changing scenario, both scientific and strategic, has led us to propose it for the starting winter campaign of at the Concordia Base.

Here the instrument and the features making it suitable to operate at Dome-C are described.

After the initial setup, BaR-SPOrt should not require any kind of routine intervention by a dedicated base staff. The experiment will just need electrical power less than 2 kW and a suitable accommodation on the field. Both the receiver and the critical electronics are housed inside a temperature-controlled vacuum chamber, providing the properly stabilized environment. This paper presents an apparatus for the calibration of long-stem platinum resistance thermometers at the argon triple point , designed at the Institute of Low Temperature and Structural Research, Poland INTiBS.

A hermetically sealed cell filled at the Istituto Nazionale di Ricerca Metrologica, Italy with high purity gas 6N is the main element of this apparatus. The cell is placed in a cryostat fully immersed in liquid nitrogen. A temperature-controlled shield ensures the quasi-adiabatic condition needed for proper realization of the phase transition. A system for correcting the temperature distribution along the thermometer well is also implemented. The cell cooling and argon solidification is carried out by filling the thermometer well with liquid nitrogen.

AGRITURISMO SANNORANNA - Farmhouse Reviews & Price Comparison (Cabras, Italy) - TripAdvisor

The duration of a melting plateau in the apparatus lasts for about 24 h. The reproducibility of the plateau temperature is better than. In the course of evolution, proteins show a remarkable conservation of their three-dimensional structure and their biological function, leading to strong evolutionary constraints on the sequence variability between homologous proteins. Our method aims at extracting such constraints from rapidly accumulating sequence data, and thereby at inferring protein structure and function from sequence information alone.

Alternative medicine

Recently, global statistical inference methods e. However, due to the discrete nature of the underlying variable amino-acids , exact inference requires exponential time in the protein length, and efficient approximations are needed for practical applicability. Here we propose a very efficient multivariate Gaussian modeling approach as a variant of direct-coupling analysis: The resulting statistical inference problem is efficiently and exactly solvable.

We show that the quality of inference is comparable or superior to the one achieved by mean-field approximations to inference with discrete variables, as done by direct-coupling analysis. This is true for i the prediction of residue-residue contacts in proteins, and ii the identification of protein-protein interaction partner in bacterial signal transduction. An implementation of our multivariate Gaussian approach is available at the website http: A beam monitor based on MPGD detectors for hadron therapy. Remarkable scientific and technological progress during the last years has led to the construction of accelerator based facilities dedicated to hadron therapy.

This kind of technology requires precise and continuous control of position, intensity and shape of the ions or protons used to irradiate cancers. Patient safety, accelerator operation and dose delivery should be optimized by a real time monitoring of beam intensity and profile during the treatment, by using non-destructive, high spatial resolution detectors. The Monte Carlo simulation of the beam monitor prototype was carried out to optimize the geometrical set up and to predict the behavior of the detector. A first prototype has been constructed and successfully tested using 55Fe, 90Sr and also an X-ray tube.

Preliminary results on both simulations and tests will be presented. Three models intercomparison for Quantitative Precipitation Forecast over Calabria. This paper reports model intercomparison for Quantitative Precipitation Forecast evaluated for a 20 month period from 1th October to 31th May Forecasts are verified comparing models outputs with raingauge data recorded by the regional meteorological network, which has 75 raingauges.

QPFs show differences between models. Largest differences are for BIA compared to the other considered scores. Within the project, different marine study areas of strategic importance for the Mediterranean have been identified: Among these, the coastal area of Taranto Ionian Sea, Southern Italy was chosen for its different industry settlements and the relative impact on the marine environment. In particular, the research has been concentrated on the Mar Piccolo of Taranto, a complex marine ecosystem model important in terms of ecological, social, and economic activities for the presence also of extensive mussel farms.

The site has been selected also because the Mar Piccolo area is a characteristic "on field" laboratory suitable to investigate release and diffusion mechanisms of contaminants, evaluate chemical-ecological risks towards the marine ecosystem and human health, and suggest and test potential remediation strategies for contaminated sediments.

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In this context, within the project RITMARE, a task force of researchers has contributed to elaboration a functioning conceptual model with a multidisciplinary approach useful to identify anthropogenic forcings, its impacts, and solutions of environmental remediation. This paper describes in brief some of the environmental issues related to the Mar Piccolo basin. The project is primarily based on a common three-dimensional integrated survey methodology for the creation of a navigable multilayered database.

The research allows the possibility of reiterative metrical analysis, thanks to the use of a coherent data in order to check and validate hypothesis by researchers, art historians and scholars on Alberti's architectural work. Coherently with this methodological framework, indeed, two case studies are explained in this paper: Furthermore, thanks to a brief introduction of further developments of the project, a short graphical analysis of preliminary results on Tempio Malatestiano in Rimini opens new perspectives of research.

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Evidence of plasmon resonances of nickel particles deposited by pulsed laser ablation. The optical spectra of some metals show pronounced resonance lines caused by collective excitations of conduction electrons. These excitations are known as particle plasmons, Mie plasmons, or surface plasmons. Their spectral properties have attracted a lot of interest, both for fundamental reasons and in a view of applications.

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Scope of the work is the growth of nanometric metal particles Ni and the study of its optical properties by spectroscopic ellipsometry. Ni particles are obtained by implanting SiO2 with pulsed laser ablation followed by heat treatment in inert atmosphere N2. An analysis of the ellipsometric spectra for samples with different implantation times and energy is presented.

Generally, the synthesis of such structures is performed using ion implantation techniques or chemical reaction methods, while here we propose pulsed laser ablation for the generation of these particles and annealing procedures for their activation. JFET front-end circuits integrated in a detector-grade silicon substrate.

This paper presents the design and experimental results relevant to front-end circuits integrated on detector-grade high resistivity silicon. This research activity is being carried out in the framework of a project aiming at the fabrication of a multichannel mixed analog-digital chip for the readout of solid-state detectors integrated in the same substrate. Possible applications are in the field of medical and industrial imaging and space and high energy physics experiments.

An all-JFET charge sensitive amplifier, which can use either a resistive or a nonresistive feedback network, has been characterized. The two configurations have been compared to each other, paying particular attention to noise performances, in view of the design of the complete readout channel. We investigate the propagation of acoustic waves in a three-dimensional, nonmagnetic, isothermal atmosphere stratified in plane-parallel layers in a study of oscillations in chromospheric calcium bright points.

We present analytic results for the linear and numerical results for the nonlinear evolution of a disturbance. An impulsively excited acoustic disturbance emanates from a point source and propagates outward as a spherical acoustic wave, amplifying exponentially in the upward direction.